President’s Message

Welcome Brothers, Family, and Friends to the 500th house of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity Incorporated; Omicron Lambda Alpha Chapter website. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time out to visit our website and we look forward to you visiting us regularly. Please use this site as a method of information of our many efforts and events within the District of Columbia.

As we embark on a new fraternal year, it is our strongest desire to continue our mission to encourage, empower, and enlighten our youth and community at large. During these turbulent times young black males are faced with police brutality, global and national discontent, coupled with civil and social injustice. If there was ever a time in which our youth need us, it is now. Now is the time to sow the seed of change and progress. That very change begins with our youth.

This year’s theme “The Urgency of Now”; coined by our General President, Everett B. Ward charges us to maximize the effectiveness of our community involvement. In doing so, we’ve increased the breadth of our influence to impact more young men within District of Columbia Public and Charter Schools. In doing so, we’ve increased our focus on taking action and not “re”-action. We will continue to work with community and political leaders within Washington D.C. to ensure our voice will not only be heard now, but tomorrow, and for years to come.

Increasing our tone of change can’t be done alone as it takes a village to raise a child, an Army to win a war, and a brotherhood to solidify the bond of male leaders. Within OLA we see brotherhood as the quintessential piece to who we are as a fraternity. In the truest spirit of fraternity, we aim to demonstrate our brand of brotherhood within the house of 500. OLA hosts a myriad of social programs and initiatives and we invite and encourage all brothers of Alpha far and wide to fellowship with us. Although our bond is born through our pledge to Alpha, our ability to be brotherly is an inherent piece to the very fabric of our being. OLA continuously strives to strengthen our bond as brothers, but supportive to members of all organizations whose aims are to uplift our community. Our bond may be through individual organizations, however, the true spirit of fraternity should always, Rule Our Hearts, Guide Our Thoughts, and Control Our Lives.

Thank you.

Bro. Lee Grayson
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Omicron Lambda Alpha Chapter
Chapter President

Chapter Officers

President: Bro. Lee Grayson
Vice President: Bro. Stanley Ray
Recording Secretary: Bro. Quantral Fletcher
Corresponding Secretary: Bro. Emmanuel Anderson
Treasurer: Bro. William Taylor
Financial Secretary: Bro. Joshua Dixon
Associate Editor to the SPHINX: Bro. James Wright
Historian: Bro. Michael Matthews
Chaplain: Bro. Kenneth Lee
Dean of Membership Intake: Bro. Kirk Mensah
Sergeant-At-Arms: Bro. Edgar Sheppard, Jr.
Parliamentarian: Bro. Venton Jones
Immediate Past President: Bro. James McClelland, Jr.

Chapter Committees

Educational Committee, Co-chairmen: Bro. Kelly Gilmore & Bro. Michael Taylor
Budget & Finance, Chairman: Bro. William Taylor
Membership & Reclamation, Chairman: Bro. Victor Lee
Nominating, Chairman: Bro. Brandon Wheatley
Time & Place/Chapter Operations, Chairman: Bro. Antonio Alston
Ritual, Chairman: Bro. Michael Aubin
Social, Chairman: Bro. Kirk Mensah
Community Outreach, Chairman: Bro. Bruce Mitchell, Jr.
Social Media & Strategic Communication, Co-chairmen: Bro. Queshon Cannon & Bro. Lamont King
Omicron Omicron Advisor: Bro. Giani Clarkson